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Kim Kardashian Makes Her ‘American Horror Story’ Debut In An Eerie Teaser For The Show’s New Season

The real American horror story isn’t until 2024 (the election, am I right, folks?), but FX’s American Horror Story is back soon.

Subtitled Delicate, the Ryan Murphy-created show’s 12th installment is about… well, I’m not sure. The teaser is heavy on vibes, not plot. There’s a group of women in white wigs with spider-like fingers; a bird’s egg fall out of a nest; Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne wear cool glasses; and Kim Kardashian holds a toddler. It’s like Rosemary’s Baby, if Rosemary’s Baby starred Kim Kardashian. Expect that remake the second strike is over.

Kardashian’s acting chops were called into question by theater legend Patti Lupone, who criticized her for taking a role away “from actors.” The Tony winner added, “Excuse me, excuse me, Kim. You know, what are you doing with your life?” The answer: Tom Brady, allegedly.

American Horror Story: Delicate is the first season of the anthology series to adapt a book, Delicate Condition by author Danielle Valentine. The novel follows an actress named Anna Alcott, who is convinced someone is trying to prevent her from conceiving a child. After failed rounds of IVF treatments, she thinks she’s finally pregnant, only to suffer a miscarriage… at least, that’s what her doctor tells her. Nobody will believe her, but she feels the baby still moving inside her.

American Horror Story: Delicate premieres on FX later this year.

(Via EW)