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Chris Christie Says His Former Pal Donald Trump Receiving A ‘Target Letter’ Means He’s Probably About To Be Indicted

Donald Trump’s supporters don’t seem to mind that he’s under multiple criminal investigations. Indeed, it makes him more popular with them if anything. They’re probably going to love even more: On Tuesday the former president said he received a “target letter” from special counsel Jack Smith, who’s looking at two separate cases involving the big guy. Does that mean he’s about to have a third indictment, on top of the other two? A former pal sure thinks so.

Chris Christie, who’s used his campaign to regularly call Trump out on his bull, went on CNN Wednesday to weigh in on the case given his background as a former federal prosecutor. He wanted to hold back on speculating over a possible conviction given that the details of the indictment remain under lock and key.

The ex-New Jersey governor did predict it will be a “speaking indictment, as we call it in the business, which will provide detail about the evidence that backs up the charges, and it’s speculation until we see what the grand jury returns, if they return something.”

But the target letter is a bad omen. He said, when he was a prosecutor, he “would never send a target letter if I wasn’t completely sure to put something in front of the grand jury to return the indictment.”

Christie also argued that it sure doesn’t sound like Trump’s going to emerge squeaky clean. He said Trump “can’t complain about the indictment and not acknowledge that the conduct where you lie to your lawyers, where you show around classified documents regarding our intelligence activities and our military activities. Wolf, what that does is potentially put our troops at risk and potentially put our intelligence officers at risk and we’re out there doing dangerous things around the world.”

Just in case you forgot Christie was a Republican, though, he also said he thought Hillary Clinton should have been charged for her own, far less egregious case of classified information possession. But maybe it’s good to remember that now and again.

You can watch Christie’s CNN appearance in the video below.

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