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Jimmy Butler Did A Pair Of Iconic Damian Lillard Celebrations After Making A Shot On His China Tour

Jimmy Butler is on vacation in China right now. Back in the United States, the Miami Heat are coming off of an appearance in the NBA Finals and want to add some major reinforcements this summer, as the Heat are the only team on Damian Lillard’s list of preferred destinations should he get a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers.

The state of play in a potential Lillard-to-Miami trade hasn’t changed in quite a while — it still seems like Portland is a little leery about accepting an offer from the Heat due to the inclusion of Tyler Herro, who is a bit repetitive with the Blazers’ trio of promising young guards. Perhaps that changes, but for now, everyone is waiting for a domino to fall. And while he’s waiting, Butler made clear that he’s going to have some fun with this, as he hit a jumper during his tour abroad and immediately did the two iconic celebrations everyone associates with Lillard: the wave that he used after his walk-off jumper eliminated the Oklahoma City Thunder from the playoffs in 2019, and his “Dame Time” celebration.

Let this be everyone’s official confirmation that Jimmy Butler is aware that Damian Lillard would like to join his professional basketball team.