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Brian Kilmeade Can’t Believe That Democrats Don’t Blindly Love RFK Jr. Merely Because He’s A Kennedy

Brian Kilmeade made a strange comment as the Fox & Friends crew tackled Robert F. Kennedy Jr. challenging Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. Thanks to RFK Jr.’s well-documented history of controversial viewpoints, the candidate has not been embraced by Democratic voters. That dynamic has flabbergasted Kilmeade, who somehow in the year 2023, still thinks the Democratic Party is duty-bound to love the Kennedy family.

Here’s what Kilmeade had to say about RFK Jr. while also making a point to talk up the candidate who is doing Republicans a favor by attempting to weaken Biden:

“The problem with dueling with RFK Jr., he does his homework, is extremely bright, and you better bring your A-game,” Kilmeade said. “And, also, can you believe we are at a day when the Democrats are calling a Kennedy disparaging names? What country are we in?”

However, as always, Steve Doocy swooped in to fact check Kilmeade with a dose of reality.

“There are Kennedy family members who disagree with him as well,” Doocy argued. “‘We love him, but he’s wrong about that.’”

As for the things that RFK Jr. is wrong about, where to begin? All throughout the COVID pandemic, he pushed anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories, earning him the scorn of his own wife, Curb Your Enthusiam star Cheryl Hines. He’s also repeated Russian state TV talking points and openly accused America of being responsible for Putin invading the Ukraine.

More recently, RFK Jr. landed in hot water after he claimed that COVID is a “bioweapon” that was “ethnically targeted” to not infect Jewish people or the Chinese. He was roundly criticized for dabbling in what is clearly an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

(Via Matthew Gertz on Twitter)