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‘Morning Joe’ Roasted Marjorie Taylor Greene With Their Own Conspiracy Theory About Her ‘Sleeper Status’ For Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene has floated a conspiracy theory (or seven) since descending upon Capitol Hill. However, she ended up inadvertently giving her critics fuel to mockingly concoct their own sort-of conspiracy theory about her, and that’s exactly what happened with Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe gang on MSNBC.

The fun actually began on this subject last weekend when Greene (who is known for selective inclusion of details to try and achieve the context that she desires) tried to drag President Biden by comparing him to Lyndon B. Johnson, and her history lesson got away from her, so the intended insults actually painted Biden in an accidentally complimentary light.

Surely, she didn’t mean to do so, right? Whatever her reasoning, this led to Team Biden using her words for a campaign video, which surely irritated the heck out of Greene, but the Morning Joe crew had an absolute ball with the “flattering” results.

Via Raw Story, the amusement was universal among Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist. Mika wondered, “Was it [really] inadvertent? She meant everything she said.” Scarborough pointed out that Greene attacked Medicare and “great advances in infrastructure, great advances in health care, great advances in all of these things,” which he sees as “a hell of an ad.”

Willie Geist brought it home, though. “I said the other morning she sounded like a DNC sleeper agent. The more I hear that, I wonder if she’s up to something else because it is so flattering of President Biden.” He also wondered if Greene’s flub was a result of her spending “too much time in the narrow social media podcast world, in that bubble.” And that might only be part of the issue, but at least we’re receiving some laughs on a Friday. Can’t complain about that.

(Via Raw Story)