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Mike Pence Got Pretty Testy When CNN’ Dana Bash Reminded Him That Jan. 6 Rioters Wanted To Hang Him

If a group of people tried to hang you, you’d be pretty sore about it, right? Almost certainly — unless you’re Mike Pence. The former vice president has kept an almost inhuman cool about his former running mate slinging rhetoric that almost got him killed (and then defending those that wanted to kill him). In fact, on a rare occasion when he’s been confronted with it directly, he did get mad — at the person who brought it up.

On Sunday, Pence went on CNN’s State of the Union. There, host Dana Bash brought up the guy he’d really rather not talk about: Donald Trump, who’s clobbering him in the GOP primary polls. Pence, who’s been lightly critical of him during his campaign, wrote off the big guy’s latest dangerous talk: that it would be “dangerous” to jail him because of his “passionate” (read: violent) supporters. Pence brushed that off.

“Well, it doesn’t worry me because I have more confidence in the American people and in the people in our movement,” Pence replied. He claimed that “not just the majority, but virtually everyone in our movement” would never do something like attempt a violent coup, leading to multiple deaths.

Bash was flummoxed by that reply, saying, “That’s pretty remarkable that you’re not concerned about it, given the fact that they wanted to hang you on January 6.”

She attempted to move on, but bringing up that Trump supporters erected a noose with his name on it outside the Capital two-and-a-half years back enraged the normally flappable Pence.

“Now, Dana, wait a minute,” he interjected. “There’s been an effort to take those that perpetrated violence on January 6 and use a broad brush to describe everyone in our movement. I’m just here to tell you, it’s not the cast. The people in this movement, the people who rallied behind our cause in 2016 and 2020 are the most God-fearing, law-abiding, patriotic people in this country.”

In other words, Pence thinks it was just a couple thousand or so bad eggs who wanted him dead after being revved up by Trump and his cronies on a day that almost ended with democracy overturned. Nothing to worry about, apparently.

(Via Mediaite)