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Noted Conspiracy Theory Spreader Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Gears Are Grinding Over ‘One Of The Many Absolutely Stupid Conspiracy Theories About Me’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been known to spread a conspiracy theory or three. The first one that usually comes to mind is the “Jewish space lasers” mess, but there’s a pretty lengthy history of other, very harmful conspiracy theories that she has spread, if you want to dive into that rabbit hole.

More recently, Greene has begun quoting tabloid newspapers (on matters of great geopolitical significance) during congressional hearings, and also certain morning show co-hosts decided to muster up their own jokey conspiracy theory about Greene being a “sleeper agent” for Biden. Apparently, there are other “theories” that have been getting under Greene’s skin, and that includes (as summarized by Newsweek) one that left Greene “absolutely shocked.” That refers to people who, seriously or not, spread the conspiracy theory that Greene could be the failed Jan. 6 pipe bomber:

Greene said that every day she sees posts regarding the theory that she is the pipe bomber. She said some people comment on her social media posts regarding the theory, as well.

“I cannot believe so many people would fall for such a horrible lie,” she said.

Well, things got even weirder this weekend when Greene posted a video to encourage people to take walks in Georgia. “There’s no better way to exercise than going out for a walk,” she tweeted after spending time in a park. “You don’t need a gym membership and you don’t need equipment. Just get out and enjoy the fresh air!”

This led to a joke from attorney Ron Filipkowski, who tweeted, “Marge Greene doing what has been commonly referred to as the Pipe Bomber Strut.” And this sparked quite the response from Greene.

“Here is a perfect example of one of many absolutely stupid conspiracy theories about me,” she tweet-ranted. “You have to be a completely delusional moron to believe this. Laughable and pathetic. The FBI never followed up on the video footage of the pipe bomber, even though they have the license plate and car identified.” Greene then suggested that anyone who believes she is the pipe bomber is “[j]ust like the idiots that are angry at me for exposing Hunter Biden’s self made porn and human sex trafficking.”

It’s really something. Greene is furious, and sure, conspiracy theories are not a fantastic thing to hear about oneself, and she could surely stop spreading them, too. In response to her anger, however, Filipkowski is still taking the p*ss, as the Brits say: “I told you people not to engage in conspiracy theories!”

Oh boy.