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There’s So Much More ‘The Walking Dead’ On The Way After The New Spinoffs Finish Their First Seasons

This past weekend, The Walking Dead: Dead City wrapped up the throwback spinoff’s debut season, for which (via a press release) the audience has been “growing with each successive week to date.” Those viewers tuned into watch Maggie pull a fast one on Negan, too. The mad mama recovered her son, Hershel, and she also unloaded Negan into the (figurative) arms of The Croat. He, in turn, passed Negan to the mysterious Dama, who appeared to be a fan of Negan’s morbidly bombastic ways. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has gone on record with Entertainment Weekly to declare, “I think he thinks he’s f—ed.”

Will we see how “f*cked” Negan really ends up being? Oh yes. AMC had a slew of announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, and that includes word that not only will Dead City receive a second season, but so will The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, which won’t even debut until September 10. Still, the footage that AMC has released thus far looks promising (and Daryl will have a crossbow again, thank god). He will wash ashore and feel puzzled about how he has arrived in France, and although he might not ride a motorcycle, he will encounter sadistic nuns. At Comic-Con, AMC revealed this atmospheric trailer:

Additionally, the Rick Grimes and Michonne spinoff received a red-toned teaser as well as an official title — The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live — that will bring back plenty of final-season memories for TWD fans. Finally, we’re seeing some vibes beyond lovey-dovey ones, which I appreciate. No offense to Rick Grimes and his dumb decisions, but there is nothing else as iconic in this franchise like Michonne and her sword. Enjoy:

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be on his way to Crossbow City on September 10.