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A Swear-Averse Post Malone Fan Once Gave Him A Multi-Page Document Of Clean Words To Replace His Profanity

While Post Malone isn’t known as an especially profane artist, he does work some salty language into his music on a somewhat regular basis, which was a point of contention for a fan he met one time.

In a new video from the YouTube channel Mythical Kitchen (an offshoot of Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning channel), Posty and host Josh Scherer ate several dishes that the rapper chose for his theoretical final meal. As they feasted, they discussed a number of topics and at one point (at 17:04 into the video), Scherer asked if Malone has adapted to “the Mormon way of speaking” since he’d lived in Utah. That prompted a funny anecdote:

“I was staying at a place called Morgan. […] We would go there and ride ATVs and stuff and […] some mom was like, ‘Hey, we really like your music, we don’t like the cuss words that much, but here’s a list of words you can use instead.’ And it was like a four-page, double-sided list of words. It was full of things like ‘phooey, ‘fiddlesticks.’”

Elsewhere during the chat (21:28), he spoke about how he sees his eventual future in music, saying, “I think it’s always gonna be… I’m always gonna write stuff, you know. Whether it gets released is a whole different thing, but I think at a certain point, I’ll just get old and I’ll make songs, and then at that point, no one will be listening to me, so I can make, like, I always talk about acid polka. I’m working on an acid polka album.”

Later (32:19), he noted that when it comes to a song he’d want played at his funeral, he joked about “Little Drummer Boy” before giving his real answer: “But actually, it’d probably be Fleet Foxes something.”

Check out the video above.