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An Ex-Sorority Girl Has Been Dubbed The ‘Queen Of Chaos’ For Her Many Mugshots That Have Gone Viral (But She’s Apparently Turned Her Life Around)

Ten years ago, we had the “c*nt punch” sorority girl. Now, it’s the “queen of chaos.”

Rayanna Brock, a former student at Eastern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University (she was reportedly expelled from both) and member of the “Kentucky Chicks” sorority, recently went viral after appearing on the “mugshawtys” Instagram account. She’s been arrested 11 times, and in most of the mugshots, she’s seen smiling. Brock has leaned into the nickname, but she’s also ready to retire that side of her personality.

“I think why I smiled is, honestly, because I was just high, and I just really didn’t care about anything,” she told The Messenger about her viral mugshots.

Brock became homeless when she was a teenager following the death of her grandparents. “I couldn’t even make it to school half the time,” she said. “I had no way to get to school. Where I was living was so far that the buses didn’t reach the house, and I didn’t know where I was staying half the time.”

Despite the challenges, Brock was accepted into college, but she was expelled not once (after being caught with LSD), not twice, but thrice. “In just the five years since she turned 18, Brock had been arrested on multiple charges, including probation violations, stalking, harassment, shoplifting, wanton endangerment, and evading police,” according to The Messenger.

Today, Brock says she is off drugs and has turned her life around after finding a support system in her boyfriend, stepfather, and other friends who can relate to her struggles… Her dream is to return to school, and she hopes to pay things forward by becoming a counselor for drug-adducted youth — while discovering more about herself along the way.

Brock will tell her story on her TikTok called, what else, The Queen of Chaos.

(Via The Messenger)