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‘Sesame Street’ Characters Came Together To Shade Elon Musk’s Silly ‘X’ Rebrand Attempt For Twitter

No one seems to be sure what Elon Musk is doing over at Twitter. Rather than improve his latest toy/social media platform amid its many ongoing hiccups, he decided to proceed with a seemingly overnight rebranding. Twitter is apparently now “X,” a decision that doesn’t appear to have been planned out too well in spite of his ongoing obsession with the letters, and when Piers Morgan is cheering for something, you know that it’s worth reexamining. That’s especially the case since future cage-fighting rival Mark Zuckerberg is one of many who already claim some form of copyright registration for “X.”

Among the many ongoing jokes of this debacle, now Sesame Street has gotten involved with shading the Twitter/X CEO: “The letter X will be holding a press conference later today.”

And when Big Bird mocks you, that’s never a good sign: “Luckily I’m a bird so I can still tweet tweet!”

Oscar the Grouch does not appear to be impressed by this hot mess at all: “If you are thinking of doing this next to my trash can you can X-out that idea!”

Oscar knows of what he speaks. There’s no telling whether Elon will (again) try to pry “Twitter” off the side of the building after a permit screw up, but yeah, he probably will go there.