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Smino’s ‘Ole Ass Kendrick’ Video Is Not Quite The Tribute You Might’ve Expected Based On Its Title

As one of the most revered rappers of the decade, Kendrick Lamar’s musical legacy has long since been cemented in the culture. However, Smino’s song, “Ole Ass Kendrick,” pulls inspiration from another part of the emcee’s life. As the St. Louis native’s latest single from his album, Luv 4 Rent, thanks to the new accompanying music video Smino’s admiration for Lamar reenters the spotlight.

Smino’s eclectic approach to music is uniquely him. So, no, there aren’t many lyrical references to Lamar. Instead, Lamar’s rumored past bachelor adventures show up throughout the video. Lamar has since settled down and is a family man now, but that’s not the case for Smino as he rapped, “Whole lotta’ n****s be cappin’ / Savin these hoes, they the captain / Caption, el capitan, the lieutenant / I get behind her like Beni / Then get it cracking, eggs benni’ / But stuck on the fact / That the last time I actually had a girl I was so in it / Then I got stuck in the game like the Sega broke / And I had to pull it out and blow in it.”

With several beautiful women predominately featured in the video, Smino is in a lover boy’s paradise. Director Hidji World was sure to include one call back to Lamar in the video when Smino and his signature wavey afro are positioned in front of a red velvet curtain—that short segment references Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 5” visual.

When asked by a fan on Twitter, which Kendrick Lamar song inspired his track, he replied, “It was ‘P*ssy & Patron.’”

Watch the full video for “Ole Ass Kendrick” above.

Luv 4 Rent is out now via Zero Fatigue/Motown. Find more information here.