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A Stunt Performer Literally Set Himself On Fire In Atlanta: ‘We Are Tired Of Being Burned’ By Hollywood

With the WGA soon approaching the two-month mark, the SAG-AFTRA twin strike is now approaching two weeks. As a result, Hollywood and New York are ground central for picketing actors (including one furious Bryan Cranston) and writers. Not to be forgotten, as well, is the production-heavy Atlanta, where a fiery display went down on Monday after stunt coordinator Mike Massa — who fortunately knew what he was doing and could do so safely — set himself on fire “to make a statement,” via Instagram and Entertainment Weekly.

As EW notes, dozens of stunt performers gathered for a rally near Atlanta, and Massa brandished SAG-AFTRA sign. As fellow picketer Elena Sanchez wrote on Instagram, “We are tired of being burned by the AMPTP.”

Massa further stressed that this was “a great day,” and he is thrilled “to see such a great turnout from our local stunt community, local leadership, and actors who showed up to support us.” And thank goodness for his tenacity, which continues to bring attention to the strikes fueled by (in part) marked changes in how TV residual structures operate in the streaming age. As of now, however, the studios and unions do not appear to be any closer to a resolution, although perhaps Ron Perlman’s recent video can inspire someone to start breaking the ice of standstill talks, other than by fire.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)