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Aaron Rodgers Signed A New, Smaller Contract With The Jets To Create More Space

As training camps open around the NFL, we’ve seen a number of players working with teams to restructure their deals to open up more cap space to make signings and moves to upgrade the roster. While this usually involves converting salary into bonuses and other cap magic (because, as the Saints and others have made clear for years, the salary cap in the NFL is mostly a myth), on occasion a player will straight up take a pay cut for the betterment of the team.

On Wednesday, we learned Aaron Rodgers was doing just that, as he worked out a new deal with the New York Jets worth $75 million over the next two years, a serious drop off from the $110 million he was guaranteed on his old deal from the Packers, in order to maximize the Jets chances to add some more talent around him.

The deal shifts his base salary to just under $2 million this year with $35 million in bonus coming his way shortly, per Tom Pelissero.

One would think the Jets and Rodgers have someone specific in mind to sign if he’s taking a pay cut, and we’ll have to wait to see who they add to the roster during camp that makes this worth it for Rodgers. It’s quite the commitment to the Jets from their new quarterback, who seems to be putting his full faith in the New York front office to add the players around him to make this a contender.