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Chris Christie Had A Solid Comeback After Trump Attacked Him For Hugging Obama During A Hurricane Sandy Meeting

Ever since entering the 2024 presidential race, Chris Christie has relentlessly hammered Donald Trump. The former New Jersey governor hasn’t hesitated to call out Trump’s failed policies and pending indictments, nor is he willing to let Trump walk all over him.

On Tuesday night, the former president attempted to attack Christie by bringing up his 2012 meeting with Barack Obama after Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey. Understanding the gravity of quickly receiving federal aid, Christie warmly welcomed Obama and Trump claims the move sandbagged Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

Via Truth Social:

Christie was so star-struck with Barack Hussein Obuma, that Romney, who is a terrible politician and horrible representative of the Republican Party, never had a chance of winning the Presidency. Christie sold Romney out, making one of the worst Convention Speeches in History—Virtually not even mentioning Romney by name. Romney sat watching, in a trance—He couldn’t believe it!

Christie wasted no time pointing out the irony in Trump’s remarks and landed a solid blow on the embattled frontrunner by bringing up his well-documented history with Hillary Clinton.

“Yeah… I invited the sitting President to New Jersey during the worst natural disaster in our state’s history,” Christie tweeted. “But I didn’t invite him to my wedding… Donald – did you dance the night away with Hillary?”

(Via Donald Trump on Truth Social, Chris Christie on Twitter)