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Things Are So Bad For Trump That Lawyers Are Calling Working With Him A ‘Suicide Mission’

Do you know a good lawyer? Donald Trump could use one.

The former president, who is facing over 500 years in prison, has been looking for an attorney to represent him as he faces a third indictment for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, to no avail. The hiring process has been difficult because, first of all, Trump isn’t the easiest guy to work with.

Rolling Stone reports that “one attorney who was approached about work declined, [as] they were dissuaded by the lengthy track record of Trump’s personal lawyers suddenly finding themselves in legal jeopardy while working for Trump.” Other attornies are concerned that an association with Trump would mean losing other, less MAGA-inclined clients.

It’s never great when the term “suicide mission” gets thrown around.

Some attorneys who’ve discussed the investigation with Trump and his close associates believe the case is a certain loser for the defense, arguing, among other things, that Trump’s loss at the initial trial is a foregone conclusion in Washington, D.C. The district is a deep-blue area and still carries the memory of the January 6th attack. And in the past several weeks, some of Donald Trump’s top legal and political advisers have been privately calling the job of defending Trump against an indictment in the election 2020 case a “suicide mission.”

I know at least one lawyer who’s free.

(Via Rolling Stone)