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An Ex-Navy Fighter Pilot Blew Minds When He Told Congress About His Encounters With UFOs: ‘These Objects Were Completely Stationary In Category 4 Hurricane Winds’

How do you convince a panel of House representatives that intelligent life is, in fact, out there? By giving a detailed account of how extraterrestrial pilots put even Tom Cruise to shame.

Today, Congress held a hearing to learn more about the existence of UAPs — unidentified aerial phenomena, or what we would call UFOs. They want to know which government agencies and contractors have been spying on and studying alien aircraft, and what proof of contact they might have. After retired military officer Major David Grusch confirmed that the government has had knowledge of extraterrestrial activity since 1930 and has also recovered crashed aircraft with non-human biological pilots, another whistleblower gave a mindboggling account of how advanced alien technology might be.

When former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves was asked how he knew the UAPs weren’t American, or even human, made, he gave this answer:

“These objects were staying completely stationary in Category 4 hurricane winds. These same objects would then accelerate to supersonic speeds. They would do so in very erratic and quick behaviors that I don’t have an explanation for.”

Why extraterrestrial pilots might be taking to the skies during hurricanes is still unclear, but given that even the tiniest drop of rain causes major delays when you’re flying Delta or American Airlines, we’re pretty miffed that the aliens have one up on us when it comes to air travel.

Watch the full interaction below:

And here’s his full opening statement.

And if you’ve never seen this 60 Minutes segment on this subject, it’s worth a watch.