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‘The Righteous Gemstones’ Getting Renewed Is Great News, But What People Really Want Is ‘Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers’

We don’t have the time to list all the reasons why HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones is one of the best shows on TV. But here’s a partial list: naked fights, monster trucks, Danny McBride’s hair, Skyler Gisondo in a neck brace, the sentence “that ain’t no Babadook, that’s Mama,” the Smut Busters, literally every scene with Edi Patterson, and so on. But the number one reason why Righteous Gemstones belongs on year-end lists is Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers.

Earlier today, HBO announced that The Righteous Gemstones has been renewed for a fourth season. That’s wonderful news… but nowhere in the press release does it mention Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers, the game show (it’s like Family Feud, or “Family Feuds,” but for Bible trivia) hosted by Walton Goggins’ Uncle Baby Billy, with accompaniment from Valyn Hall’s delightful Tiffany. If HBO releases a standalone episode of Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers, I vow to never call Max “HBO Max” again.

“The way in which Baby Billy’s story starts off in a clamshell, doing 24 performances a day, beside a pool at the Gemstone Resort, was exhausting, but it was so much fun. I had no idea that it was gonna start off in an imaginary music video that was gonna end with ripping off Family Feud,” Goggins told Collider. He added, “Secretly, that’s always been a dream of mine, to do something like that and to infuse it with a certain amount of late show humor.”

Give us what we want: Walton Goggins saying “Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers.”