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Sean Hannity Brought Up GOP Rep. Nancy Mace’s ‘TMI’ Comments About Her Sex Life In The Most Awkward Way Possible

The less we know about the personal lives of politicians, the better — especially when it comes to sex. GOP Representative Nancy Mace broke this unwritten rule on Thursday when she confessed that she turned down sex with her partner to make it to a prayer breakfast on time.

“When I woke up this morning at 7, I was getting picked up at 7:45. Patrick, my fiancé, tried to pull me by my waist over this morning in bed and I was like, ‘No, baby, we don’t got time for that this morning. I got to get to the prayer breakfast and I got to be on time,’” she said, adding that it may have “been a little TMI, but he can wait, he’s got — I’ll see him later tonight.”

Following her viral remarks, the South Carolina lawmaker appeared on Hannity, where host Sean Hannity broke up her “TMI” confession in the most awkward way possible. “Much later tonight, because she’s on this show,” Hannity said as an introduction. “Anyway, Congresswoman Mace joins us. Uh, congresswoman, great to have you.” He later added, “Uh, I guess you’ll get home some time around midnight tonight, so, um, I thought it was pretty funny at a prayer breakfast. Good for you for having a great sense of humor.”

It was the funniest joke at a prayer breakfast since the time Mitt Romney said “I’ll have what she’s having” when he saw someone eating a hot dog at 8 a.m.:

At the end of the interview, Hannity made yet another reference to the incident, concluding, “Congresswoman, we appreciate you coming to this show instead of going home to your fiancé. We really appreciate it.”

You can watch the uncomfortable interaction here.

(Via Mediaite)