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Billie Eilish Says She ‘For Real’ Wouldn’t ‘Make Music Anymore’ If One Unfortunate Change Happened

It’s only Billie Eilish’s name that gets the primary artist credit on her songs, but fans know that Finneas is a creative partner on all her music, since he co-writes and produces his sister’s songs. Eilish has always been sure to give Finneas his flowers on that front and she values their collaborative setup so much that if Finneas didn’t want to participate anymore, Eilish says she’d just throw in the towel.

Between songs at a recent concert, Eilish addressed her audience as Finneas sat next to her, saying, “We make everything together, and, you know… if Finneas ever doesn’t want to make music with me, I just won’t make music anymore [laughs], for real. That would suck. Anyway, um… yeah, I just feel really grateful to have him on tour with me right now. I just owe everything to him, for real, in my life, and I love him very much and he’s my best friend in the world.”

Eilish and Finneas must be real close in order for her to get away with farting in his face, like she did in a recent video he shared. She also wished her brother a happy birthday recently with a video of a funny lyrical misunderstanding.