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Bootsy Bellows Is SoFi Stadium’s Hidden Gem For Your Next Big Concert Experience

Last week, Taylor Swift wrapped up her initial US run of the Eras Tour, which began as the most impressive stadium tour ever conceived and has evolved into a generational spectacle that finds the biggest star in the world meeting her own status head on. With six nights at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles to act as the tour’s crescendo, Taylor mania took over the city, with moments like the revelation of 1989‘s re-record, an embrace with Kobe Bryant’s daughter Bianca, and a record-breaking “Champagne Problems” Cheer becoming national news. Tickets were a precious commodity, generally going to the lucky buyers who were able to navigate the Ticketmaster fiasco, those able to afford the inflated second market, or the Hollywood elite that showed out to make it as star-studded as the city’s red carpets.

But there is another way to see the entertainment that SoFi has to offer. Enter Bootsy Bellows, a field-level club that the average ticket-buying fan wouldn’t know exists. Paying homage to the West Hollywood club of the same name and developed by h.wood Group, the aesthetic riffs on retro decor inspired by the 1940’s home of Frank Sinatra. Beyond that, the experience also marries the past and present, delivering a complete hospitality experience that’s not typically available at stadiums for games and concerts.

Whether arriving via rideshare or VIP parking that comes with some tiers of admission, the luxury experience begins almost instantly, as check-in from the designated Bootsy Bellows booth is followed by a private escort all the way to the field-level suite. That might seem like a small feature, but when you are surrounded by tens of thousands of fans moving in different directions, having someone guide you to exactly where you need to be feels like a treasure.

The second biggest standout from the Bootsy Bellows experience is the service. As food and drinks generally come with the price of admission, the waiters and bar staff take it upon themselves to make the visitors feel like royalty. Snacks are displayed buffet-style and include a range of cheeses, meats, dips, and chips. For those wanting something a bit more substantial, a limited menu offers things like a standout falafel wrap and a tall stack of nachos, with a veggie option that includes Beyond chicken. Food was delivered quickly, with drinks never having the opportunity to reach their bottom without a bartender or server swooping in with a fresh one. (Though food and drink were included, please remember to still tip the service staff, these kinds of experiences thrive because visitors are generous with them.)

But while all these perks make for a lavish evening, the Bootsy Bellows experience would be nothing without the entertainment that draws people to SoFi. People who opt for the higher tier of reserved tables are basically out in the thick of the crowd, but still fenced-in within the confines of the suite, giving the best of both worlds of being in a private space while also feeling the energy of the crowd around them. One can imagine that at football games, when the teams are utilizing even more of the field space than a concert does, it results in some truly incredible views of the action. But even for a concert, the vantage point is top-notch, basically serving as floor seats with added comfort and elegance.

For those that opt for the standard Bootsy Bellows suite experience, the views are still great and the atmosphere electric, but there is the slight downside of being a bit removed from the audience. With all that does come with a reservation, though, it is a small sacrifice for the luxury of the VIP experience. Besides the Rams, Beyoncé’s three-night stand for her Renaissance World Tour (the prices for these shows are about double most of the other concerts, because, duh, it’s Beyoncé), P!nk, Metallica, and Ed Sheeran highlight the upcoming opportunities to visit Bootsy Bellows. And, just a word of advice: have an exit strategy for SoFi. Whether driving yourself or taking rideshare, leaving can be time-consuming, so just be prepared on that front.

As for Taylor Swift, Bootsy Bellows proved to be an ideal spot to take in the iconic show, with the fans in the club just as revved up and as enthusiastic as the screaming thousands in the stadium proper. To be fair, the Eras tour would be amazing from the nosebleeds, from the parking lot, or from a shaky FaceTime through your sister’s phone. That’s how good Taylor is right now. Going to a place like Bootsy Bellows is just the icing on the cake.

To inquire about attending an event at Bootsy Bellows and get more information, check out their website.