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Here’s Brian Kilmeade Setting His Indictment Gloom Aside To Whip Up A Fantasy About How Bud Light Could Get Its Groove Back

Brian Kilmeade has had a rough week so far. His MAGA hero received his fourth indictment, which led the Fox And Friends co-host to look like someone flushed his goldfish, and that wasn’t even the first time that this sort of Kilmeade face had materialized on Fox News. After Trump’s second indictment, Kilmeade’s spirit openly deflated while Doocy merrily explained how bad this was for Trump. And that followed long after the show transformed into Fox And Frenemies when Doocy went rogue by pushing back at Trump’s on-air claim that he’d be a call-in guest every week.

Now, however, the trio moved onto a different subject — the Bud Light controversy that will not die — and Kilmeade was thrilled. He tried to get his groove back (and that of Bud Light) after word that Billy Busch wanted to buy the beer brand back from InBev. The Recount aptly described this clip of Kilmeade performing “fan fiction about how Busch could deliver it to bars on the back of a truck himself.” And he gets into it while wildly gesticulating. I’ve actually never seen a fan fiction roll out online with this much enthusiasm.

“What if the guy who created it, from the family who marketed it, wants it back and says, ‘Sorry about them, they’re gone. You know me. We create it, we sold it. My family understands YOU, I’ll be on the back of the trucks delivering it with them.’” Kilmeade triumphantly proposed. “That would be one way to rescue Bud Light.”

Sure, that will totally make Kid Rock stop shooting up innocent beer cans for sport. For a bonus, here’s Kilmeade growing very excited about pull-off tabs vs. the modern incarnation.

Well, he’s coping, and it’s kind-of working. That is, until the next time Trump gets indicted.