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Addison Rae Shows Us Her Main Pop Girl Era Is ‘2 Die 4’ With Her New Charli XCX Collab

A new era of Addison Rae is upon us. Tonight (August 18), the influencer, dancer, and actress has shared her debut EP, AR/

The eponymous AR is comprised of some leaked songs that have appeared on the internet over the past few years, since Rae began making music. Though these songs had never seen an official release (until tonight, that is), the leaked version have garnered a cult following. On the EP is a much-anticipated collaboration with Charli XCX, “2 Die 4.”

On “2 Die 4,” Rae expresses her desire for a man who puts her on a pedestal—and won’t settle for anything less.

“My neck / To die for / My legs / To die for / This ah-ah sex /To die for / I want someone who thinks I’m to die for,” sings Rae on the song’s chorus.

The song boasts a bubbly, poppy track, and the addition of the brilliant Charli XCX brings the song that much more into the future.

With her new EP, Rae’s online community of followers hear her exploring new avenues, as the more zealous fans have been waiting on bated breath for her new music. Needless to say, her main pop girly era appears to be promising.

AR is out now via Sandlot Records. Find more information here.