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Christopher Meloni Couldn’t Resist Making A Joke That Marjorie Taylor Greene Walked Right Into (But That Some Felt Was Over The Line)

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t seem like the nicest person in the world. She has even been known to tell off a colleague on the House floor and call them “a little b*tch.” She is also openly lobbying to be Trump’s running mate, so if you were hoping that she might tank her own political career, well, that might do it. Greene’s own tendency to be rude and disrespectful, however, doesn’t mean that she deserves the same. And some wonder whether a joke from Law and Order: Organized Crime star Chris Meloni crossed that line.

Meloni has been seen around lately while posing only in socks, but he cannot resist cracking a joke every now and then. And although it could be argued that Greene set herself up here, the joke was still not the greatest look. Many thought the low-hanging fruit that Meloni reached for was funny, oh, but it was also mean. Here’s Greene doing the set up, by the way, by posing in front of “[t]he world famous Iowa Butter Cow!”

Meloni fired right back: “Right, but what’s in the glass case behind you.”

Some Greene defenders stepped up because, generally speaking, one really should not call a woman (or anyone) a cow.

Still, and perhaps because this zinger was so unexpected, more people laughed along with Meloni.

Greene has thus far ignored the chaos. Perhaps she has replies muted on Twitter, but if she zings back, she’ll send that message loud and clear.