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Slow Pulp’s ‘Broadview’ Single Is A Tenderly Guided Approach To Opening Your Heart Back Up To Love

Anticipation for Slow Pulp’s sophomore album, Yard, is at an all-time high. So far, the band has shared three records from the project, including “Cramps,” “Slugs,” and “Doubt.” But their latest single, “Broadview,” is the Chicago-based act’s most emotionally moving release.

The track, produced by the band’s guitarist Henry Stoehr, is a tenderly guided approach to opening your heart back up to love. As bassist Alex Leeds and drummer Teddy Mathews layer their indie instrumental offerings, musicians Peter Briggs and Willie Christianson incorporate Americana elements through their harmonica and banjo flares.

Lead vocalist Emily Massey drives home the delicate nature of the record, singing, “Am I wrong? / Or is it OK to stay inside / And out of love? / Tell me I’m wrong / I’m just gonna give it a try / And hope that it’s enough.”

In a statement, Massey opened up about the inspiration behind the track, saying, “This song is about letting yourself fall in love for the first time in a long time. After being hurt in previous relationships, I was trying to decide if making the jump was worth it. Turns out it was.”

Watch the official visualizer for “Broadview,” crafted by Melanie Kleid, above.

Yard is out 9/29 via ANTI-. Find more information here.