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Ted Cruz Got So Excited About Dragging Himself Over That Shark Meme That He Accidentally Tweeted Part Of A Text Conversation

I never thought I’d say this, but perhaps Ted Cruz should learn to be more like Lauren Boebert. When she gets dragged, she ignores it, and you know what? Good for her. Whereas Ted Cruz dives right back into the fray and rolls around in it. Maybe he likes the embarrassment? No clue. And even though Ted is an Internet expert (and has been since at least 2017), sometimes he still slips.

It happens, for sure. Yet no one, not even Ted, can fully explain why he fell for a notorious shark hoax that surfaces anytime a tropical cyclone floods part of a city (and generally arrives with Twitter community warnings). Ted is holding onto it, though, in his usual fashion while (I guess?) attempting to show the world what a good sport he is. This effort included retweeting a Dave Portnoy remark while adding, “Sharks have feelings too” for some odd reason.

Earlier this morning, Ted also tweeted and deleted a joke, which caused some confusion on my end because Ted usually does not delete. He generally lets it all hang out, but this time, he axed a phone screenshot that included a Twitter user’s joke: “Sharknado is a documentary.” Well, that joke resurfaced over here, but why did Ted delete the original?

Democratic advisor Sawyer Hackett nabbed a screenshot of what went down, and it seems that Ted accidentally captured and tweeted a text notification, which you can see here. It seems to be a rather mundane message, but maybe Ted realized that dragging political consultants into the shark mess was a step too far. Fortunately, this was an innocuous text revealed by Ted, but still, eek. He could always, you know, tweet less, and then this might not happen at all.