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If You’re Planning To Dress Up As Barbie (Or Ken) This Halloween, You Better Buy Your Costume Now

Barbie will be 2023’s most popular Halloween costume. This is not a bold take, only an accurate one. There’s multiple reasons for this: Barbie is a huge hit, everyone likes it (minus far-right chuds), and it has a recognizable aesthetic that’s easy to replicate at home. You can make your own Barbie costume, or you can buy one at Spirit Halloween — although you better order yours now. Halloween isn’t for another two months, but they’re already selling it.

“Adult Skating Barbie” is sold out. So is “Adult Western Barbie” (“Adult Gingham Dress” — hat included! — is coming soon). But “Pink Power Jumpsuit Barbie” and “Weird Barbie” are available, as is “Rebel Rocker Ken,” “Skating Ken,” and “Western Ken.” Sadly, Spirit isn’t selling an Allan costume, probably because the servers would crash from everyone trying to buy it at once.

“When you do a costume, you often try and work out the character of the person that’s wearing them and what they do,” Barbie costume designer Jacqueline Durran told People. “But the character of Barbie is really the history of Barbie. If you were to delve into her backstory, it would be how she’d looked over the decades. It’s the way we chose to do it.” For a Barbie deep cut costume, give Rappin’ Rockin’ Barbie a shot. It pairs well with nipple ring Ken.