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People Are Losing It Over Footage Showing Rudy Giuliani Walking Into A Bail Bond Joint After Being Arraigned

Rudy Giuliani hasn’t had a great last few years, and on Wednesday he arguably hit a new nadir. That’s the day the former “America’s Mayor,” not to mention star prosecutor, turned himself to jail and got a mugshot. It’s worse than the day black goo dripped down his head, worse than the day he did a presser at a landscaping joint, worse than the day Donald Trump refused to bail him out of the financial hole he dug to help him out. How could it get worse? Well, it did.

As per Mediaite, after Giuliani was arraigned, a CNN camera crew spotted him walking into the “2nd Chance Bail Bonds” in Atlanta, Georgia.

“This this is the former president’s former personal attorney, by the way, former mayor of New York City, former prosecutor himself, who sent many, many folks he prosecuted to bail Bonds offices, bondsman offices like that in the past,” CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said over the footage. “And now he himself is walking through that door.”

Giuliani’s bail was set at a whopping $150,000. It’s not surprising that Giuliani would have to visit a bail bond joint. His finances are, uh, not great these days. It’s not even that shocking that he chose one with such a sad, deflating name.

That news cameras were there to capture the walk of shame only makes his humiliation even worse. Indeed, people couldn’t believe the footage was real.

Some marveled at how far the guy’s fallen.

There were, of course, jokes to add salt to Rudy’s wound.

Some pointed out that this is karma for all the lives he unfairly ruined as prosecutor and mayor.

(Via Mediaite)