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Prince’s ‘Diamonds & Pearls’ Is Being Reissued With Dozens Of Unreleased Gems

Prince may not have wanted the extensive contents of his massive vault released for public consumption, but that isn’t stopping his estate from cashing in. Prince’s 1991 album Diamonds And Pearls — his first recorded as Prince And The New Power Generation — is set for reissue in October, with 47 unreleased tracks and two hours of live concert footage. A pair of examples from the unreleased trove has already been unleashed, consisting of an early mix of “Insatiable” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” a vaulted track originally recorded in May 1991 at Larrabee Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

The album itself will be remastered and released on its own, with two deluxe versions comprised of the bonus material. The super-deluxe edition will include 12 vinyl LPs or seven CDs including the original album, a collection of single mixes and edits, and 33 songs pulled from the vault. These songs are made up of ideas he recorded on tour in 1990, with some songs going to other artists, while others are original/alternate versions of songs that were later reworked for Prince’s albums.

The live recordings come from Prince And The New Power Generation’s Minneapolis Glam Slam show in January 1992. Another show, from the band’s performance at the 1991 Special Olympics, is included, as well as the original Diamonds And Pearls video collection, which was initially released on VHS and LaserDisc and has long since gone out of print.

Diamonds And Pearls will be reissued on 10/27. You can pre-order it here.