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Dua Lipa Dipped Her Toes Into wikiFeet, A ‘Horrible Website,’ And Checked Out Her Foot Ratings

There’s a substantial enough community of foot enthusiasts online that they maintain the website wikiFeet, an impressively thorough collection of photos of celebrities’ feet. Dua Lipa is well aware of what’s going on here, and she’s even taken the time to check out her wikiFeet profile.

As Entertainment Weekly notes, this topic came up on a new episode of Lipa’s At Your Service podcast, during which she chatted with comedian Ziwe about her new book Black Friend. In one of the book’s essays, Ziwe write about discovering her wikiFeet profile, and Lipa noted, “I read that essay. And I have to confess, I went on wikiFeet to just look at… I looked at both of our ratings. Your rating’s gone up since you wrote the essay. It’s a horrible website, by the way. I hate feet. So while I was reading your essay I was very… I felt seen. Anyway, let’s not talk about feet.”

Lipa later added, “While I was looking at your feet, I was like, ‘This is way more research I’ve ever done for any of my podcast guests.’”

Here’s Lipa’s wikiFeet profile if you want to check it out (it’s safe for work, unless your workplace prohibits foot photos). Her profile has 2,846 total votes, and of those, 1,730 are “beautiful,” 449 are “nice,” 348 are “OK,” 187 are “bad,” and 132 are “ugly.” All in all, there are 891 photos of Lipa’s feet on the site. The feedback in the comments section is mixed: One commenter wrote, “She’s special Damn,” while another said, “She might be the most beautiful singer/actress/celeb in the world, she’s incredible, but these feet are atrocious, they look like hands, the toes are all over the place, they’re really bad, and it’s unfortunate because she’s an amazing person, it’s just her feet are hideous.”

Check out the At Your Service episode with Ziwe above.

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