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Elon Musk Got Booed By A Bunch Of Gamers Who Demanded He ‘Bring Back Twitter’

It’s been a month since Elon Musk whimsically changed Twitter’s name to X. A lot of weird chaos and confusion has ensued, adding to the weird chaos and confusion that’s ensued since the Tesla/Space X guy took over late last year. Musk seems intent on everyone calling the 17-year-old service by its new name, but clearly not everyone is happy with the rebranding, including some of Musk’s favorite people: nerds.

On Saturday, Musk attended the popular competitive video game Valorant in Los Angeles. At one point he was briefly shown on the Jumbotron, prompting a sudden, violent round of boos.

“Where is that from? That can’t be from in here, surely,” said one announcer during the broadcast.

It then became clear what prompted the conjoined animosity: People stared chanting “Bring back Twitter!”

The moment later went viral on the social media service now owned by Musk. Musk himself laughed off getting booed, calling his critics “unhinged leftists.”

Musk should be used to getting publicly booed by people at events he likes. Late last year, not long after forking over a fortune to buy Twitter (around the same time he surrendered the throne of richest person on the planet), the same thing happened when he took the stage at a Dave Chappelle show. And of course, he’s regularly mocked on the service he owns.

(Via New York Post)