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Florence Pugh Discussed The Backlash She Faced For Wearing A Dress Where You Could (God Forbid) See Her Nipples

Florence Pugh was wearing pink before it was cool. But all anyone can remember about the gown the Midsommar star wore to the Valentino couture show in Rome last summer is that you could see her breasts through it. In response to the criticism she faced from “vulgar” trolls, she wrote on Instagram, “What’s been interesting to watch and witness is just how easy it is for men to totally destroy a woman’s body, publicly, proudly, for everyone to see. You even do it with your job titles and work emails in your bio…?”

Pugh further discussed the nipple fiasco in a recent interview for Elle with actress Jodie Turner-Smith.

“I speak the way I do about my body because I’m not trying to hide the cellulite on my thigh or the squidge in between my arm and my boob: I would much rather lay it all out,” she said. “I think the scariest thing for me are the instances where people have been upset that I’ve shown ‘too much’ of myself. When everything went down with the Valentino pink dress a year ago, my nipples were on display through a piece of fabric, and it wound people up.”

Pugh believes it’s “the freedom that people are scared of; the fact I’m comfortable and happy. Keeping women down by commenting on their bodies has worked for a very long time. I think we’re in this swing now where lots of people are saying, ‘I don’t give a shit.’ Unfortunately, we’ve become so terrified of the human body that we can’t even look at my two little cute nipples behind fabric in a way that isn’t sexual. We need to keep reminding everybody that there is more than one reason for women’s bodies [to exist].”

(Via Elle)