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Sarah Jessica Parker Has Adopted Shoe The Kitten From ‘And Just Like That’

Sometimes, great things can come from horrible people. For instance, in this season of And Just Like That, villain Che Diaz did one thing right by rescuing a sweet little kitten and convincing Carrie to adopt him. See? Not all comedians are bad. Just some.

Taking a page from Taylor Swift’s book, Sarah Jessica Parker adopted the little kitten from the set, and he made his grand Instagram debut today.

“His off-camera name is Lotus,” Parker posted on Instagram. “He and his siblings were all given botanical names when they were rescued as newborns by the @cthumanesociety. Adopted officially by the Parker/Broderick family in April 2023. He joins Rémy and Smila whom we adopted in May 2022. If he looks familiar, that’s because he is,” Parker noted, nodding to the cat’s cameo on And Just Like That. The cat had more screen time than Kim Cattrall.

On the show, the cat’s name is Shoe which…isn’t the best name. So Parker renamed him Lotus. Honestly, she could have done better. Some potential options: Sarah Jessica Paw-ker, And Just Like Cat, or Catthew Broderick. Any of these could have worked.

Now that season two is over and season three is in the works, we can hope for even more Shoe/Lotus next season. And maybe he will pee on Che Diaz’s bomber jacket.

(Via EW)