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Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Offered To Pay Jimmy Kimmel’s Staff During The Strike

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel might have a long-running “feud,” but behind the scenes, it’s anything but. During an episode of the new late night host podcast featuring Kimmel and the four other titans, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and Jimmy Fallon, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host revealed a generous offer from Damon and his old pal Ben Affleck.

“Ben Affleck and the despicable Matt Damon contacted me and offered to pay our staff for two weeks, a week each, they wanted to pay [them] out of their own pocket,” Kimmel said via The Hollywood Reporter. “I felt that that was not their responsibility.”

Colbert, on the other hand, felt otherwise. “Couldn’t you say yes and then give your money to us?”

The podcast, titled Strike Force Five, was launched for the express purpose of raising money for the staff of each of the late night shows that have been off the air since the strike. Each week, one of the hosts will take the lead and Kimmel was first out of the gate. While the comedic banter has obviously been high, Kimmel hasn’t been afraid to get personal.

During the first episode, the late night host revealed that he was “very intent on retiring” just before the strike started, but then he realized how much he would miss the job.

“Now I realize, like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s kinda nice to work,’” Kimmel shared about his free time over the past few months. “You know, when you are working, you think about not working.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)