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Blxst And Bino Rideaux’s ‘Doin Yo Stuff’ Video Advocates For Reaching Your Fitness Goals

LA tag team Blxst and Bino Rideaux dropped their new mixtape, Sixtape 3, today, and with it, the video for one of its standout tracks, “Doin Yo Stuff.” In the video, Bino and Blxst are a pair of thirsty personal trainers at an all-women gym. While the members lift, stretch, and (of course) twerk it out in the exercise room, the two rappers croon-rap some encouragement, telling the girls’ their “ass got fatter” — which is a good thing, in rap parlance.

Fans of the duo’s first and second Sixtapes won’t be disappointed here. Their chemistry remains intact and their beat choices remain excellent as they sling seductive come-ons over laid-back funk instrumentals. The fittingly titled six-track tape is a smooth ride from beginning to end, depicting the highs and lows of life in South Central LA, slotting right in alongside the first two installments (an 18-song vinyl release wouldn’t go amiss, fellas, I’m just saying).

Sixtape 3 is Blxst’s second project of the year after the NBA 2K23 soundtrack he curated, and he’s got one more in the works after this, so he’s having a pretty good year. Bino, who’s considerably accessible online, has put all his efforts behind promoting this one, but he’s only about a year or so removed from Sorry 4 Tha Wait II, so expect to hear from him soon. They’ve also got a sold-out mini-tour coming to four West Coast cities this month, likely preceding a longer tour later on.

Watch the “Doin’ Yo Stuff” video above. Sixtape 3 is out now via EVGLE/Red Bull and Def Jam.