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Conan O’Brien Has A Wild Theory About How Taylor Swift Gets Through Her 3-Hour ‘Eras Tour’ Concerts

Conan O’Brien recently got a crash course in all things Taylor Swift from his assistant — and has since learned a ton. Around the two-minute mark of his podcast, O’Brien starts discussing the Eras Tour and is shocked by how long it is.

His assistant reveals that the concert runs over three hours. “Her opening act is they show Doctor Zhivago,” O’Brien jokes back. “Then, they build an Aztec temple in real time, and then she comes out. So, the whole thing, you’re eighteen hours in, okay?”

Conan’s assistant goes on to describe it as the best night of his life. “Wait, you’ve had dinner at my house?” O’Brien adds.

“I don’t know how she does it,” the assistant says. “I felt like I was hungover the next day. And I’d had no alcohol.”

Then, O’Brien comes up with a truly hilarious idea about how Taylor Swift is able to perform these long concerts, and sometimes, even several nights in a row.

“Is it possible that there’s more than one…” he suggested. “That she has other people come out. First of all, she’s performing in a huge space, and there are a bunch of times where she says, ‘Before my next song, I’ll be right back,’ and she ducks behind something. Right?”

“It’s possible that they pull the old, thank you, Texas switch,” O’Brien adds. “Is it possible that there are nine people backstage?”

Sadly, his assistant wasn’t convinced.

Check out the conversation about The Eras Tour above.