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Trump Reportedly Has The Laziest Reason For Skipping His Latest Arraignment

Donald Trump must be sick of getting indicted on criminal charges, in many ways. For one thing, it gets in the way of his campaigning. For another he has to do things like show up to arraignments and court dates. At least those are voluntary. The former president has decided to skip his arraignment in Georgia, not out of protest but reportedly out of laziness.

As per Raw Story, The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell went on MSNBC Saturday, where he said Trump originally planned to jet up to Atlanta Wednesday to again sit in a courtroom and again be arraigned. Alas, the event is scheduled for 9:30am and Lowell said his team “tells me he just didn’t want to get up at 6am and go to Atlanta.”

That shocked MSNBC host Alex Witt, who said, “Are you saying, did any of your contacts there in Trump world, they suggested the president was willing to appear were it not for an early morning time slot?”

“I mean there is some suggestion, some discussion, according to our reporting about what Trump could do if he were to go,” Lowell replied. “Discussions about maybe we could hold a news conference or some sort of event to get media coverage, which as you know is their primary objective. But I think the lack of feasibility there, plus the fact that Trump simply doesn’t want to get up in the morning, is the major driver.”

Hey, 6am is pretty darn early, especially if you’re about to get on a flight, even a short one. Still, Trump is allegedly fit as a fiddle, a “very young 77 years old,” according to his daughter-in-law. If that’s true, he should have no problem seizing the day by flying to a courthouse so he can get arraigned on criminal charges.

(Via Raw Story)