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Tucker Carlson Says Elon Musk Begged His Team To Switch To Twitter Within An Hour Of His Firing

It’s been a few months since Tucker Carlson was unceremoniously fired by Fox News. How’s he doing? If his mostly low video view counts and tinfoil hat ravings about Trump being “assassinated” are any indication, not great! Still, he used to be considered hot stuff, enough that Elon Musk once quickly tried to scoop him up after he was let go.

As per Mediaite, Carlson did an interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy Thursday, during which he reflected on his firing. Fox News didn’t just can him; they did the same to some of his team.

“Thankfully, they fired my executive producer, Justin Wells, like within four minutes of firing me. He really didn’t do anything wrong. He was the best producer in all of television and everyone knew it,” Carlson said. “And Fox has a lot of nice people, a lot of very incompetent people obviously running it. And he was one of the only competent people in the whole business. But they fired him, too.”

News spread fast that Fox News had kicked its biggest star to the curb, prompting the head of what was then still called Twitter to take action.

“And within I don’t know, an hour of that happening, Elon called him and said, ‘You should come to Twitter,’” Carlson said. “So I’ll never stop being grateful for that.”

News that Carlson had found a new home at Twitter came not long after he lost his job, though Musk clarified that the two weren’t as tight as it seemed. Carlson had a smash debut, though the numbers soon plummeted, spiking when he has a big guest interview. Then again, unlike with television, it’s hard to tell if people actually watch his videos in full or just start them and then quickly get bored.

(Via Mediaite)