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John Fetterman Is Daring Republicans To Impeach Biden: ‘Sometimes You Gotta Call Their Bulls**t’

John Fetterman has had enough of Republicans threatening to impeach Joe Biden. While talking to reporters, the Pennsylvania senator who relentlessly pummeled Dr. Oz during the 2022 election aimed his cannons at the GOP and let them have it.

“Go ahead, do it. I dare you,” Fetterman said in response to the Biden impeachment talk. “Your man has what, three or four indictments now? Trump has a mug shot, and he’s been impeached twice.”

As Fetterman explained to reporters, the GOP knows trying to impeach the president with no evidence will look bad, but he’s tired of them “talking like they’re hard asses.”

Via NBC News:

“Sometimes you just gotta call their bulls—,” he said.

Fetterman, who is in his first term, said that a Biden impeachment “would just be like a big circle jerk on the fringe right” and that it “would diminish what impeachment really means.”

Despite his fiery words about the GOP’s impeachment charade, Fetterman was notably sympathetic towards Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. Fetterman suffered a stroke during his senate race against Oz, and it gave some perspective on the calls for McConnell to resign after he experienced two public freezing episodes.

“I truly don’t believe in kind of hammering individuals, elderly, I just don’t,” Fetterman said. “It’s not really a partisan thing. It’s like whenever it’s the right time to leave, I believe they have the right to do that, as well.”

“I just really leave it to each person to have the respect to and the dignity to handle it the way they want to,” he added.

(Via NBC News)