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A Yoga Class Was Somehow Mistakenly Called Into Police As A Ritual Mass Murder Scene

Yoga can be both a relaxing and athletic pursuit, and generally speaking, the last pose of a session is Shavasana. That is, of course, often the most meditative pose of a yoga practice, and it’s known as “corpse pose” because the goal is to lie perfectly still like, well, you know. Some people [cough] actually consider this to be one of the most challenging poses in existence, but most yoga students I know relish those few minutes at the end of class.

However, one London yoga class inadvertently went off the rails when a couple walked by a window and assumed that a ritual murder had taken place during Shavasana. Really. There weren’t even any goats around, which would at least make a smidgen more sense for mistaking the scene for someone doing evil deeds. Perhaps the world has been watching too much true crime, which happens. Seascape Cafe (which is inside North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards) found themselves in the odd position of posting this on Facebook:

If any one heard the mass of police sirens in Chapel St Leonard’s at 9:30pm last night then please be reassured….
They were on their way to the Observatory after someone had reported a mass killing in our building. Having seen several people laying on the floor….
Which actually turned out to be the Yoga Class in meditation
Thank you to Lincolnshire Police for their prompt response. I can’t imagine for one moment what would have being going through their minds on the way….
Dear General Public, please be mindful that the Observatory has lots of Yoga classes happening in the evenings. We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs.

Additionally, the instructor involved told BBC News, “I guess from the outside view it could look like that, because they’re all really still, very nice and relaxed.” Yet the 22-year-old yogi was only playing a little drum while people enjoyed a quick little rest. The teacher did characterize the mishap as “surreal and funny,” but I still think it would have been a better story with goats.

(Via Seascape Cafe & BBC)