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Lara Trump Has Spent Weeks Going On Television In Front Of A Background Boasting A Bizarre Typo

Donald Trump may be the presumptive nominee for the GOP’s presidential ticket, but otherwise he’s not doing so hot. On top of his four indictments, he’s got a trial popping off early next month. He could wind up losing a chunk of whatever left of his fortune or going to jail or both. Those around him aren’t faring well either. But folks like Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani, both left cash-strapped after helping the big, sure wish they had problems as small as Lara Trump’s.

As per Mediaite, for weeks the former president’s daughter-in-law has been going on Fox News, standing in front of a background shilling for a website called The Right View. Beneath it is a url, but if viewers tried to visit it they’d come up with nada. That’s because who ever designed it left in a little typo, in which the url begins with four w’s — i.e., “”

The gaffe has been left up for over a month, and it’s small enough that no one’s caught it till now. But it’s appeared on shows including Hannity and Jesse Watters Primetime. It’s even spread over to Newsmax, haunting shows like Rob Schmitt Tonight and The Balance with Eric Bolling.

Though Lara Trump isn’t a biological relation of the former president, she’s still somehow inherited his yen for weird typos.

You can see multiple examples of Lara Trump’s work over on Mediaite.