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Daryl Dixon Did Something Completely Out Of Character In The First Episode Of His ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff

(Obviously, spoilers about Daryl Dixon will be found below.)

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (which is truly a “big ass kicker”) had a special treat for fans of the most chronically unwashed character of the bunch. Daryl also happens to be one of the show’s most crushed-on characters, which sounds like a paradox, but hey, consider that there should be priorities during an apocalypse, and not everyone would look as sweat-free as Rosita and Maggie and, well, almost everyone else on the show. As Dustin Rowles once summed up, “Daryl is the only character on this show that actually LOOKS like he lives in the zombie apocalypse.” Dustin also hypothesized that “maybe his hair grease is how he’s fueling his motorcycle these days.”

The hair-grease detail remains a strong theory, even as Daryl emerged from the ocean in France without immediately realizing how he got there and looking as grubby as ever. In the debut episode of his solo spinoff, he was trolled as a “noob” for not knowing the language, and he retains his mostly stoic Daryl Dixon persona (while remaining an occasionally big softie underneath it all). Once he found himself at a convent, and the nuns (who were not sadistic after all) cured his burner-bite, the unwashed boo did something that we’ve never seen him do before now: Take A Bath.

“Finally”? Yes, finally.

There’s been quite the debate on Reddit at how often Daryl really showered on all eleven seasons of The Walking Dead, or if anyone truly noticed or cared when there were rotting, foul Walkers all over the place. I think it’s generally assumed that Daryl at least washed his bod during Season 1 at the CDC, but they never showed it happening, so you never know.

Regardless of whether this was only Daryl’s first or second bath since the apocalypse began, people were here for it. They enjoyed the heck out of this “character development” and then some.

AMC’s The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs on Sunday nights.