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A Millionaire CEO Is Getting Ripped Apart For Saying Workers Are Paid Too Much And Massive Layoffs Will Curb Their ‘Arrogance’

Millionaire property developer Tim Gurner is getting absolutely wrecked on social media after the Gurner Group CEO told a financial summit audience that workers have become too arrogant after the Covid pandemic.

Gurner made his remarks during the Financial Review Property Summit in Australia where he also floated his solution to “kill their attitude.” According to Gurner, “we need to remind people they work for the employer, not the other way around,” and the easiest way to do that is start laying people off.

Via Daily Mail:

‘People decided they didn’t really want to work so much through Covid and that has had a massive issue on productivity,’ he said. ‘Tradies have definitely pulled back on productivity. They have been paid a lot to do not too much in the last few years, and we need to see that change.’

A major issue in the workforce was employees feeling that their bosses were ‘extremely lucky’ to have them, Mr Gurner added.

Gurner noted companies are already starting to have “major layoffs,” and it’s having the desired effect of reminding these lowly workers who’s in charge around here.

“People are definitely laying people off and we’re starting to see less arrogance in the employment market,” Gurner said. “That has to continue because that will cascade across the costs balance.”

As a clip of Gurner’s remarks went viral, the Financial Review was forced to shut down replies, but not before large swaths of Twitter had a field day slamming Gurner for his callous take.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Financial Review on Twitter, Daily Mail)