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Video Has Emerged Of Lauren Boebert Looking Seriously Pissed While Being Booted Out Of A ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical For Vaping And Causing A Disturbance

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert stayed in the spotlight during August congressional hiatus, pitching fits here and there about wanting to slash certain officials’ government salaries and being rip-roaringly furious over Trump’s Georgia bail conditions. Congress is back in session as of this week, but Boebert had one last (for now) hurrah in Colorado over the weekend. This got chaotic, and reports emerged of her being kicked out of a Beetlejuice touring Broadway show in Denver.

Boebert surfaced on Twitter (of course she did) with an attempt to put a happy face on it by “plead[ing] guilty to laughing and singing too loud!” She also asked that someone could “please let me know how it ends!”

As reported by The Denver Post, Boebert was booted after audience members reported her for vaping and causing a general disturbance. Now, a local NBC affiliate has acquired and published surveillance video (as seen above) that spans several minutes. Boebert can be seen being escorted out of the Buell Theatre by staff, and boy, does she look irked.

Naturally, yes, she’s pretending that everything is just fine, much like she did after showing up late to the Capitol an missing a vote against a bill that she had been raging hard against. Boebert had pretended to have skipped the vote on purpose (as a “protest”), but then she was exposed in video footage while running up the steps to the Capitol building and pausing, looking dumbfounded, while someone tells her that she missed the vote.

In the new surveillance footage, Boebert is shown looking angry as hell, as though she can’t believe that they’re really asking her to leave. She then relents and struts through the building while pulling up the top of her dress, as though it keeps misbehaving on her. Then she and her (unidentified) romantic companion are shown holding hands and doing little twirly dance moves.

Naturally, this Beetlejuice GIF is riding high on social media.

(Via NBC 9 News in Denver)