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A Hilarious 2K Glitch Has Caused Players To Get Stuck On The Rim And Spin Around Wildly

This past weekend saw the release of NBA 2K24, which is always one of the most highly anticipated sports video game releases of the year alongside Madden. Fans of the game were excited to see if the promised upgrades really delivered improved gameplay, and if the tweaks to the various game modes improved each of those experiences.

However, there is also the excitement to see what glitches will exist at launch. The reality of sports simulation video games is that as they keep adding more movements and variables to the game to make it as lifelike as possible, they increase the possibility for the game to break. As the masses get the game, they’ll run into situations the testers didn’t, and the results can be hysterical (and/or frustrating, depending on how seriously you take the game) until they get patches done to fix things.

This weekend, the best 2K24 glitch to hit social media was, by far, players running into a crazy situation where sometimes guys that went for a dunk would get stuck on the rim and spend multiple possessions flailing about wildly — often until a timeout was called. Sometimes those players would even cause an offensive goaltending because they were spinning around on the rim when a shot went up.

I’m sure the folks at 2K will (or already have) patch this up, but it’s incredibly funny to see guys just spinning around the rim like a helicopter. It’s also a funny paradox that the more lifelike you try to make a video game, the more likely you are to create the least realistic glitches imaginable.