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Will ‘Suits’ Season 9 Come To Netflix?

Even before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes shut down Hollywood sets this summer, Suits was swaying people into the power of bingewatching older TV shows. Granted, the Gabriel Macht and Meghan Markle-starring USA Network series ended in 2019, so it’s not exactly ancient. Yet it’s still notable that people will not stop watching the show when there’s a buffet of new content constantly up for grabs. Suits has been on the Nielsen streaming lists all summer long and could turn out to be the biggest show of 2023. Much of the newfound binging is going down courtesy of Netflix, which has the first eight seasons available to watch.

Will Season 9, however, ever materialize on Netflix? Certainly, the audience is there for it, given that Nielsen noted that Suits broke the “record for acquired programming” on the streamer. Prince Harry has gone on record to declare himself not a fan of his wife’s sex scenes of yesteryear, but billions of minutes prove that other people are into the show as a whole. Netflix, thus far, has not publicized a date when Season 9 could join the rest.

At the moment, Season 9 (and Season 9 only) is available to watch on Amazon Prime. If, however, you would like to watch all nine seasons in the same place, then one streaming service has you covered. That would be Peacock, which has been spreading the word.

So, there you have it. Peacock initially launched with plenty of jokes about being The Office-focused streaming service, but there’s much more there now. That includes Yellowstone, Suits, and many other top series to explore.