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Trump Warned ‘Cognitively Impaired’ Biden Will Lead Us Into ‘World War II’ In A Gaffe-Filled Speech

One of Donald Trump’s favorite attacks on Joe Biden is that, unlike him, he’s in cognitive decline. After all, Trump’s the guy who passed a “difficult” mental acuity test before he lost re-election. But is it possible the guy who can’t spell “rumor” or “hamburgers” is projecting? Based on a speech he delivered Friday, it sure seems that way.

In a gaffe-strewn address at the D.C. Pray Vote Summit, Trump unloaded on his likely 2024 contender. “We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired, in no condition to lead, and is now in charge of dealing with Russia and possible nuclear war,” he railed.

“Just think of it. We would be in World War II very quickly if we’re going to be relying on this man, and far more devastating than any war,” he said.

Trump didn’t’ catch that he forgot about the other second World War, in a slip of the tongue that has strong Animal House vibes. Instead he amped up his gloomy predictions, saying, “There will never be a war if that happens— there will never be a war like this. It will obliterate everything there is, everybody, it will obliterate every country.”

There were other whoppers in his speech, too. At one point he accidentally said that polls have him crushing his presidential predecessor Barack Obama, which he caught, then tried to incoherently spin.

Meanwhile, the guy who’s supposedly in cognitive decline knows how to zing Trump in just a few words.

(Via Mediaite)