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Adam Schefter’s Poorly Phrased Tweet About Nick Chubb’s Injury Had Fans Very Mad

The Cleveland Browns saw their worst case scenario come to life on Monday night in Pittsburgh when star running back Nick Chubb had to be carted off of the field after a severe knee injury on a run near the goal line. Chubb got hit on his knee by Minkah Fitzpatrick and immediately was writhing in pain, with the replay apparently so gruesome that ESPN opted against showing it.

Naturally, there is concern of serious damage to Chubb’s knee, and in the aftermath fans and players took to social media to offer their best to Chubb as he almost certainly gets set for a lengthy rehab process. There was also, as always, an eye on the various top NFL newsbreaker accounts, as fans were wondering just how severe Chubb’s injury is and what the feared damage may be. While we likely won’t actually learn that until Tuesday when there’s an MRI done, sometimes reports will trickle out about the initial diagnosis.

As such, when Adam Schefter opened a tweet with “Nick Chubb dislocated his left knee and tore his MCL, PCL, and LCL with cartilage damage,” many assumed he was reporting about the injury Chubb had just suffered. Instead, Schefter was clumsily recalling the injury the star back suffered in college when he had his same knee torn up against the Tennessee Volunteers back in 2015, which is information he should have led with.

The replies and quote tweets are almost all people yelling at Schefter for scaring them into believing Chubb had completely shredded his knee, when in fact we do not know the specifics. There are a lot of people who could tweet something like that — albeit, almost certainly with better phrasing — but one of the league’s top newsbreakers who regularly has injury info first is not among them.