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Lauren Boebert Cannot Even Talk About ‘Encounters At The Southern Border’ Without Everyone Thinking About Her ‘Beetlejuice’ Groping

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert is trying, really trying, to make people forget about her Beetlejuice groping and vaping drama. This isn’t exactly working because people really find it rich that Boebert proselytizes about being a good Christian and look what happened. She also happened to be getting funky — in public — with a Democrat Bar Guy whose bar has hosted a drag show, and Boebert has declared those to be a terrible example for children. And yet, again, look what happened at a family-attending production.

As a result, people are riding every word that Boebert happens to tweet, and a lot of them happen to sound like unintentional double entendres. That includes Boebert calling for “joy,” which reminded people of “happy endings” and the congresswoman getting handsy in the middle of a theater, and now… goodness. Here is an actual Boebert missive that uses the words “encounters” and “Southern Border.”

“In the last 24 hours there have been nearly 10,000 encounters at the Southern Border,” Boebert very seriously tweeted. “That brings our five-day total to around 45,000 people – without even including those who slipped through the cracks and weren’t counted. There is absolutely no way our country can survive this insane volume of people for much longer.”

Yikes. Boebert already seems irked that people care so much about this scandal, and the responses are pretty rough when she only wants to return to complaining about migrants. Granted, this probably isn’t nearly as painful as Bar Guy watching his trendy cocktail joint get review bombed, even after he and Boebert stopped seeing each other. Yet people cannot resist commenting upon Boebert’s choice of words, which are simply too much.

Boebert is having another long week, but at least it’s… Hump Day.