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Ryan Secreast Worries That He’ll ‘Screw Up’ Hosting ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Because He’s A Terrible Speller

When the job listing for the Wheel of Fortune hosting gig went up (we can assume there was probably a LinkedIn posting by Pat Sajak himself) there was probably one big prerequisite: knowing how to spell. It’s the most basic thing someone can do when hosting a gameshow that’s literally about spelling words.

So when Ryan Seacrest was called up to host, it would be normal for us to assume that he can spell, or even lie about being able to spell. But even all those years on American Idol didn’t help him with his poker face.

“Actually, I’m a terrible speller,” Secrest willingly admitted to PEOPLE magazine. Seacrest then tried to defend himself, “But, on the show I’m better than on my cell phone when I type or text,” he added. They don’t have spell check during prime time, man! You gotta get your stuff together.

The veteran host then said that he still gets nervous and expects more. “I’m sure I will get nervous jitters. The show has been a staple for people and myself and my family forever. And so you just want to walk out there and do what’s been happening for so many years and not screw it up.” Here’s the thing: many, many people have screwed it up over the years. In fact, people seem to like watching that. So either way, he’ll be fine.

(Via People)